Hitchin Round Table normally meet up every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month for events ranging from sport activities to social evenings and fundraising events.

Partners are invited when there is a fifth Tuesday in a month for our special ladies’ nights.

If you are looking to join for the first time, simply register for any “Open” event below and we will get in touch. Alternatively, send a message to join@hitchinroundtable.co.uk and we will contact you with more info!

You can browse all upcoming events below. To read more and to register for an event, simply click the event title below.

Upcoming Events

Dinner and Drinks with Partners

30/10/2018 at The Hermitage 19:30

Put your glad rags on and bring your partner. We are meeting up at The Hermitage for a couples dinner followed with drinks in the bar.

Please register as early as possible as we need to place a deposit beforehand.

The Damp Squib Quiz

06/11/2018 19:30

Has your flare fizzled out? Rubbish rocket? Soggy sparkler? It’s time to trudge to the bottom of the garden and light the blue touchpaper on an explosive Pub Quiz that will leave children in tears and set off car alarms five streets away. With questions imported cheaply from China, the evening is sure to go off unpredictably leaving little chance of retiring to a safe distance.

The ever popular music and picture rounds will be back, along with a host of questions to tax the most sparkling of minds.

Organised by Simon Davis.

Note: location to be confirmed

Crazy Mini Golf

20/11/2018 at Mr Mulligan’s Lost World Golf 19:30

Join in for some beers and a round of mini golf in Stevenage.

Organised by Ben Mellersh.

Chairman's Drinks

22/12/2018 at Tobias Lekman 14:00

Welcome to Chairman’s drinks! This evening is an old tradition and, for me, a small token of gratitude for all the hard work collecting for local charities over Christmas and for participation in Table over the year.

We are starting off in the late afternoon and will wait for any Santa participants to arrive. There will be a food buffet, draft beer, bottled beer, wine and cocktails (you gotta try the martini twist).

Bring your wives, leave your kids at home. Bring your dancing shoes and wear festive.