Hitchin Round Table normally meet up every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month for events ranging from sport activities to social evenings and fundraising events.

Partners are invited when there is a fifth Tuesday in a month for our special ladies’ nights.

If you are looking to join for the first time, simply register for any “Open” event below and we will get in touch. Alternatively, send a message to join@hitchinroundtable.co.uk and we will contact you with more info!

You can browse all upcoming events below. To read more and to register for an event, simply click the event title below.

Upcoming Events

Annual General Meeting 2018

01/05/2018 at The Sun Hotel 19:30

Welcome to the AGM 2018!

We will meet on May 1st at 7:30 in The Sun Hotel for a meal and our presentation of the past year, the introduction of a new chairman and council.

We will get an insight into upcoming events, changes, aims and objectives for 2018/2019.

Dress code: Suits/dinner jackets.

Bike Ride around Hitchin

15/05/2018 at The Three Moorhens 19:30

Meeting at the Three Moorhens for a bike ride around the countryside.

Finish at The Millstream.

No cost for the event but we will split the dinner bill from The Millstream to your dinner account or by cash.


29/05/2018 at Teamworks Karting Letchworth 19:30

Welcome to the annual karting event at Teamworks Karting Letchworth.

Let’s see who can claim the trophy this year, it’s always a tight battle.

Beta Pilot brewing and tasting

05/06/2018 at Tobias Lekman 19:30

Pre-Beer Festival beer brewing and tasting. Those who have been setting up at the Hitchin Beer & Cider Festival will be exhausted by now and in need of a gallon of beer.

Aiming to have at least 2 barrels of beer ready for quality control testing, meaning we need have to finish 100 pints of beer.

I will also brew a beer in the background and drone on about the beauty of oxygen free, pressurised keg transfer. Joy. Those who are still interested after that can have a go in the brewing process.

I will let you nearer the event what beer is ready. There is no charge for the event or for the beer as you are all quality assurance technicians. We might get a takeaway to share in the garden by the beer shed though and split that bill.

Summer Hike

03/07/2018 at The Three Moorhens 19:30

We are hiking from The Three Moorhens to The Red Lion in Preston.

Meet promptly at 7.30pm for a decent start.

No event cost. Dinner bill will be split and added to your dinner account or paid in cash.

Pool Tournament & Mexican Tequila Tasting

17/07/2018 at Osinsky’s 19:30

Let’s meet up for a knockout style pool competition at Osinsky’s in the market square, start 19:30.

We will finish off with a meal at the mexican Bar Amigo restaurant at 21:00. Optional tequila and mezcal tasting in their new top floor bar.

Price listed is approximate for pool tournament and food.

Please let me know if you will not join for the meal or are interested in some tequila & mezcal either via booking comments or via WhatsApp.