We had a cracking Beer Tasting event on the 7th of November at the Hitchin Priory.

We were 21 participants from both Round Table as well as XRT and 41 club. The evening was focused on new beer styles and discussions on how these were made, debunking old beer myths and the dos and donts of beer serving.

The (excellent) beer list was as follows:

Brew by Numbers: Saison 18/07
Origin: London, England
Style: Saison
ABV: 3.5

Cloudwater/Dry & Bitter: Mobile Speaker
Origin: Manchester, England
Style: DIPA
ABV: 8%
Ratebeer: 98%

Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden
Style: Sour/Wild Ale
ABV: 4.5%
RateBeer: 97%

Chorlton: Galaxy Double Sour
Location: Manchester, England
ABV: 7ish
Style: Sour / wild

Wild Beer: Modus Operandi
Location: Westcombe, Somerset, England
Ratebeer: 92%
ABV: 7
Style: Wild Ale or sour brown

Aecht Schlenkerla: Märzen
Origin: Bamberg, Germany
Ratebeer: 96%
ABV 5.1
Style: Smoked beer, Rauchbier

HaandBryggeriet: Batch #1000
Origin: Drammen, Norway
Style: Belgian Quad
ABV: 10.4%
RateBeer 79%

Siren: Broken Dream Rum & Coffee
Origin: Berkshire, England
RB: 92%
ABV 6.5
Style: Stout

To Øl: Pineapple Express Barrel Aged
Origin: Denmark, Copenhangen
RB 94%
ABV 10%

Alesmith: Speedway Stout
Origin: San Diego, US
RB: 100% (#7 of all beers in the world)
ABV 12%
Style: Stout


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